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Robert C. Perry  is a Central California artist residing in Santa Maria.  Robert has been creating fine art since 1984.  Over the years, he has expressed himself through various media.  Early on, Robert focused on photo-realistic watercolors, and several original works from that period are still available.  However, in early 2005, Robert shifted to oil as his medium of choice.  Like his watercolors, Robert’s oils continue to demonstrate a rich and meticulous appreciation of nature, color, and composition.  About this time, Robert also discovered a talent for turning wood pots.  Today, he divides most of his energy between painting in oils and discovering the beauty in fine pieces of wood.  The mandala designs are a unique artistic innovation and are a result of Robert’s love for photography and the computer as a creative tool.  Robert is a very visually oriented person who derives great gratification from detail and finely crafted art.  These qualities lend a sense of timeless substance to his creations.

•Please feel free to contact me at with questions, criticism or advice in regard to what I do.  I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring my website and sharing the visual adventure that I experience on a daily basis while creating art.

•Appointments for viewing my work at my residence can be made by calling me at  805 934-9643