>Born in Bakersfield, California       March 9, 1949

>Moved to Los Angeles, California                1955

>Attended Washington HS through

    11th grade                                                      1966

>Moved back to Bakersfield, CA                    1966

>Graduated from West Bakersfield HS       1967

>Attended Bakersfield Community

    College, Fine Arts major, 

    geology minor                                               1967-1969

>Active duty with U.S. Navy in

   Vietnam                                                          1970-1972

>Attended California State

   University at Bakersfield, Fine Arts


>Displayed weekly in Santa Barbara, CA

   Beach Show                                                    1984-1990                 

>Employed by HomeBase home

   improvement warehouse, manager of

   Special Order, Kitchen Design,

   Interior Decorating, Installed Sales,

   Home Delivery                                               1989-1995

>Returned to painting watercolors             1995-2002

>Started working in oils                                 2002-present

>Began turning wood pots on

   on lathe                                                          2008-present